June 23, 2014

Iraqi TV channels and eyewitnesses report of transfer of paramilitary forces to Ashraf and the plundering of residents’ vehicles and property by government forces using flatbed trucks

The Al-Taghier Iraqi TV channel reported that “in apprehension of the advancement of the revolutionaries, Government of Iraq has initiated plundering of Ashraf Base property that belong to the PMOI” (June 22, 2014). Concurrently, the Alhurra Iraqi TV channel reported that paramilitary forces “from central and southern Iraq have come to Camp New Iraq (Ashraf) in al-Athim area” and “religious figures from Karbala Province have come to Camp New Iraq to offer speeches to the fighters”. Reports also indicate that 9 Badr Forces have also been transferred from Basra to Ashraf. Footages by Alhurra show that buildings and facilities that have been built by the residents in 26 years at the residents’ expense, have been occupied by these forces.
At the same time, according to the locals and eyewitnesses, the Iraqi Prime Ministry agents are stealing the property of residents in Ashraf on a large scale. Since yesterday, they have prepared hundreds of residents’ vehicles to be loaded and taken out of Ashraf. Moreover, Iraqi forces have broken the seals on the warehouses and have loaded on flatbed trucks items such as personal protective gear (helmets and protective vests) bayonets, shoes and boots, medical equipment, etc. to take these items out of Ashraf. Every warehouse has three locks; one belonging to the Iraqi forces, one to UNAMI, and the third to the residents’ representative.
Systematic and large scale plundering of Ashraf residents’ property by Government of Iraq is not only an invasion of sites locked by the United Nations, but blatant breach of the August 16, 2012 quadripartite agreement (between the United States, Iraq, the United Nations, and the residents), as well as a violation of repeated commitments by the United States and the United Nations to the residents, including the joint plan of UN and U.S. for transfer of the remaining Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty on 5 September 2013 and the letter of September 6, 2013 of the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Ms. Jones to Mrs. Rajavi in this regard.
Given the abovementioned points, the Iranian Resistance calls for urgent action by the United States and the United Nations to prevent ridding residents of their property and the transfer of this property to the vicinity of Camp Liberty and placed under UNAMI supervision.

June 15, 2014

Iran: Secret execution of two political prisoners from Arab compatriots

The anti-human clerical regime secretly executed two Sunni political prisoners Ali Che Beshat and Seyyed Khaled Moussavi, both Arab compatriots from Ahvaz. The intelligence agents conveyed the news on these executions to the families of the victims on Thursday, June 12, prohibiting them from holding any memorial ceremonies.
These two political prisoners had been suddenly transferred from Fajr Prison of Dezful to an unknown location. The follow ups by their families and lawyers to find out about their conditions and to visit them proved unfruitful.
Brought under severe tortures to give false confessions, they were condemned to death on the charge of “acting against national security and Moharebeh”.
In a similar case in January 2014, the mullahs’ regime clandestinely executed two other political prisoners Hashem Shabani and Hadi Rashedi, both Arab compatriots from Ramshir.
The Iranian Resistance offers its condolences to the families and friends of these two political prisoners and the people of Khuzestan Province and calls on all, especially the fervent and noble youth of Khuzestan to rise in solidarity and sympathy with the families of the martyrs.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls for urgent international action against political executions in Iran and for the referral of the dossier of violation of human rights by the religious fascism ruling Iran to the United Nations Security Council. Silence and inaction in face of waves of executions that have taken on added dimension since Mullah Rouhani has assumed office, for whatever excuse, bears no fruit but to encourage the anti-human regime to continue and increase its crimes.