October 22, 2014

Iran: Angry demonstrations by people of Esfahan and Tehran against anti-human crime of splashing acid by regime’s elements on women 2 video clip

Maryam Rajavi hailed the protesting people of Esfahan and Tehran and called on all people to join the national movement in defense of women

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, hailed the people of Esfahan and Tehran for demonstrating to protest the anti-human crime by mullahs’ regime against the women of our homeland and called on all Iranians, especially the women and the youth, to join the national movement in defense of Iranian women. The crumbling regime of Velayat-e faqih, engulfed in internal and external crises is trying to avert the explosion of people’s wrath by resorting to these heinous crimes and creating an atmosphere of terror and fear.
Mrs. Rajavi called on the international community to condemn this anti-human crime by mullahs’ regime and to adopt immediate measures through the UN Security Council to stop these crimes. She stated that the silence by the international community in face of these tragedies, for whatever reason, virtually encourages this regime and gives it a free hand to continue with these crimes in Iran.
On Wednesday, October 22, the angry people of Esfahan and Tehran staged an extensive demonstration in protest to the barbarity of mullahs’ regime organized criminal gangs in splashing acid on women and girls.
In Esfahan, despite closing down the streets where demonstration was taking place, extensive security provisions, and the heavy presence of suppressive elements, this demonstration was held with a dense crowd in Nikbakht Street across from the Justice building and also in the Chaharbagh Street. Similarly in Tehran, despite suppressive provisions, demonstration was held across from the parliament.

The demonstrators shouted: “You victimized sister, you will remain in our heart”, “You worse than ISIS; you splash acid on us”, “Our parliament is our shame, our shame”, “Death to the one who splashes acid… death to one who splashed acid”, “Veiling cannot be achieved by coercion”, “With or without veil, we don’t want splashing of acid”, “The right of woman for security? Splashing acid, atrocity”, “Misogynic laws should be annulled”, “Public prosecutor be ashamed and leave your position”, and “Security forces, where are the eyes of my sister?”

Iran: 25 women targeted with acid attack... Maryam Rajavi calls for action

Maryam Rajavi calls on international organizations in defense of human rights and women’s rights to condemn this blind state terrorism and press the clerical regime to end this barbarism against Iranian women

The victims of the new wave of acid attacks by organized criminal gangs affiliated to the Iranian regime reaches to at least 25 in cities of Isfahan, Kermanshah and Tehran.
The attackers splashed acid on the faces of 15 women and girls in city of Isfahan. In the latest of these crime in the city, acid attack killed a young woman on Sunday (October 19).
The young woman was walking with two others in Isfahan’s sheikh Sadoog when they were target of acid attack. The young woman died due to injuries received on her chest but the two others who received injuries in their faces and hands were transferred to hospital.
The victims of the heinous crime that have suffered major injuries and are in danger of losing their eye sight are deprived of receiving adequate treatment.
Contradictory remarks by clerical regime’s officials unveil the regime’s role in this crime. While on Saturday night number of these criminals carrying bottles of acid were captured by people in a car accident in Isfahan’s Mehrdad  street and handed over to local police station, speaker of the regime’s judiciary, Mohseni Eje’i, announced that no one has yet been arrested in connection with acid attacks in Isfahan. Hours before his announcement, speaker of the Interior Ministry, Morteza Mir-Bagheri, declared that three or four people had been detained in Isfahan in connection with the attacks. Gholamreza Shahriari, one of the officers of the security forces in Isfahan, also announced that some links had been identified but no one been arrested yet.
The regime is trying to prevent spread of reports about these heinous crimes by intimidating the families of the victims and hospital nurses and staff. Reporters are also prevented from going to hospitals to see the victims. These measures unveil the ominous intentions of the regime to allow these attacks to continue.
On the other hand, amid internal fighting between various factions of the Iranian regime, Iran’s State News Agency ISNA revealed on 21 October that two months ago on another occasion eight women and men were attacked by splashing acid on them while waiting in a bus stop and were taken to hospital. Also, live witnesses in Tehran have revealed that some criminal agents brought up and backed by mullahs have splashed acid on women at least on two occasions. 
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, expressed deep sympathy with the victims of this catastrophe and called on all human rights bodies and women's rights defenders to condemn these cruel atrocities committed by the clerical regime’s organized criminal gangs. She said: International community’s silence in the face of these brutalities under whatever pretext is tantamount to encouraging the mullahs’ regime and leaving the path open for it to continue these atrocities in Iran.
She stated that the clerical regime’s savage crimes against women alongside the rising number of mass and arbitrary executions makes it even more vital to refer the dossier of savage and systematic violation of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council. Those responsible for these crimes including splashing acid on innocent and defenceless women and young girls who are undoubtedly traced back to the office of Khamenei, Supreme Religious Leader of this regime, must be put on trial and punished.

She added that the medieval clerical regime that is fearful of mounting popular discontent, especially that of women and the youth, is attempting to prevent the explosion of their wrath through these brutalities and intimidations. She called on all Iranians particularly the brave youth to expand their protests against this savagery under the pretext of tackling “mal-veiling” and to defend the victims.

October 17, 2014

Camp Liberty: Iraqi forces deprive residents of forklift trucks forcing them to carry heavy loads with their hands or on their backs

An anti-human torture in 21st century that has caused residents severe orthopedic diseases
The Iraqi forces continue to prevent residents from using their own forklift trucks. As a result of this anti-human measure, residents are forced to carry heavy loads with their hands or on their backs. (Pictures enclosed)
After the Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of dozens of forklift trucks from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, following numerous referrals by the residents to the United States and the United Nations authorities, in a trilateral agreement in November 2012 between UNAMI, the residents, and the Iraqi government, two forklift trucks were transferred from Ashraf to Camp Liberty. The Iraqi forces refused to hand over these two forklift trucks to the residents and it was decided that the forklift trucks be kept at the police battalion to be given to the residents on a daily basis and returned back at the end of the work.
From the outset, the Iraqi intelligence hampered the daily use of the forklift trucks and in practice gave the forklifts trucks to residents only every few days. It is now, however, over four months that despite daily referrals by the residents, the Iraqi forces refuse to give them the forklift trucks. The Iraqi intelligence agents have taken the forklift trucks to their own place and are using them.

Obstructing residents from using their own forklift trucks as the simplest equipment to carry loads is nothing but an anti-human torture in the 21st century. The residents are therefore coerced to constantly carry heavy loads with their hands or on their backs that during the recent months has caused severe backaches and hand aches, as well as osteo-diseases among many residents.

October 11, 2014

Camp Liberty : Six hour delay and obstructions to transfer a critical patient to hospital by Iraqi forces

A patient who had recently had brain surgery and suffers from heart problem had to change nurse and translator six times

 In an inhumane measure, Iraqi forces based in Camp Liberty prevented a critical patient to be transferred to hospital this morning.
 A female patient who underwent a brain surgery two weeks ago developed a heart problem this morning and had to be rushed to hospital without any delay according to the medical doctor based in the camp’s clinic operated by Iraq.
The Iraqi forces demanded for the patient’s interpreter and the nurse to be changed. After the interpreter and the nurse were changed, they once again claimed that the new ones are not acceptable either; so the residents changed them again. The Iraqi forces repeated this despicable game six times in order to introduce as much delay as possible in the transfer of the patient. Repeated contacts with UNAMI, UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy by the residents’ representatives to resolve this humanitarian problem led nowhere. The clear objective is nothing but to torment to death the patients and to psychologically torture all residents.
Moreover, today, the Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of five more patients to the hospital. Three of these patients had appointments for eye surgery with specialist physicians at the hospital and thus they all missed their appointments for surgery that they had arranged after many weeks.
The criminal medical blockade is being implemented under the supervision of Faleh Fayad. So far, he has tormented to death twenty-one residents of Ashraf and Liberty. If the residents had free access to medical services, most of them would have been saved.
Given the repeated and written commitments by the U.S. government and the United Nations regarding the security and well-being of Camp Liberty residents, the Iranian Resistance calls for their immediate intervention to end this anti-human blockade and to secure the free access of residents to medical services. These measures are blatant and serious violation of international conventions and clear cases of crime against humanity whose perpetrators should be held accountable.