March 29, 2014

Call by Women’s Committee to save a young woman who was condemned to death for defending herself against an intelligence agent

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on all international bodies and human rights organs, especially the Special Rapporteur on execution and the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, as well as the bodies defending women’s rights to take urgent action to have the death sentence of Ms. Rayhaneh Jabbari, 26, revoked.
Ms. Rayhaneh Jabbari, a decorator, has been in prison since seven years ago when she used a cold weapon to defend herself against an intelligence agent. In a deceptive scheme, this intelligence agent intended to violate Rayhaneh which forced her into defending herself. The scuffle led to the murder of this agent. The henchmen of the clerical regime have placed Rayhaneh under savage tortures to extract forced confession from her.

Ms. Sarvenaz Chitsaz, Chair of the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance, stated that the Iranian young women and girls who suffer of an institutionalized discrimination and a twofold oppression are no where safe from the evil of the heinous mullahs and the intelligence operatives and regime’s agents. Approval of the death sentence for this young woman is to intensify the atmosphere of terror in the society and in particular to frighten the girls and women who are intent not to succumb to the heinous acts and the oppression by this anti-human and misogynic regime in any way possible.

March 19, 2014

Fire Festival – No. 3... Iran: 15 arrested; pictures of Mullah Rouhani are set on fire

Despite the heavy presence of suppressive forces in various parts of Tehran, people held the Fire Festival on an extensive scale. In all districts of the city there fires were set up and the sound of firecrackers and sonic bombs can be heard from all corners.
Reports received from Tehran from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm:
-          In Ariashahr, Valiassr Avenue, people clashed with the agents that were attempting to disperse them. Elements of the suppressive forces confiscated people’s cameras and arrested fifteen
-          In Salsabil Street, western Tehran, the youth set fire to pictures of regime’s President Mullah Hassan Rouhani
-          In Nezamabad and Madani Street, the youth set several trash bins on fire. Suppressive forces afraid of getting beaten up by the youth did not dare to interfere.
-          In Abbasabad and Sohrevardi Streets, agents on motorcycles who are wearing anti-bullet vests try to disperse the youth by terrorizing them. They do not dare move alone.

March 18, 2014

Fire Festival – No. 2.. Iran: Ceremonies in various areas of Tehran and the beating up of regime’s paid hands

In Tehran, while the city is replete with suppressive forces, the Fire Festival is being held in various areas of the city.
At 8 pm local time, in Tehran’s Third Falakeh, the regime has cut off the electricity so that people cannot shoot films of the gathering of the people. In Parvin Boulevard, agents threatened people with their batons.
At 7:30 pm in AriyaShahr, Valiassr Street: Agents clashed with the people and confiscated the cameras.
At 6:50 pm, near Nezamabad and Madani Street, the youth set several trash bins on fire.
In Yaftabad region, many fires were set up. The noise of firecrackers and explosions can be heard from all directions. People badly beat up agents who interfere with their festivities.

In Nasserkhossrow, Panzdahe Khordad and Molavi streets the youth respond to any movement by the security forces with firecrackers and throw thousands of firecrackers under their feet. The agents are armed with batons and cold weapons.

Fire Festival – No. 1... Iran: Ominous pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei set on fire in Ahvaz

Despite suppressive provisions by the clerical regime to obstruct the Fire Festival ceremonies and their turning into protests by the youth, since an hour ago, the sound of blowing firecrackers and sound bombs can be heard in various quarters of Tehran, including in the Jomhouri Street in Tehran Pars District, Lalehzar Street in Shahriar, and in Varamin. In fear of rage of the youth, the regime closed the banks and government buildings a few hours sooner than their normal working hours from 2 pm.
In Ahvaz, the youth set fire to pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei and the will of Khomeini.
In Mahabad, despite the semi-curfew atmosphere created by the suppressive forces, the youth held the fire festival ceremony and clashed with the suppressive forces. The condition in the city is critical.

Suppressive forces have declared that those who play with firecrackers in public places will be arrested and detained until April 2.

March 17, 2014

Third week of food and medicine blockade of Camp Liberty by Government of Iraq

According to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, this blockade is a war crime
It is over two weeks now that in an anti-human and criminal measure, government of Iraq is barring entry of medicine and food to Camp Liberty using fictitious excuses. Many of the essential foodstuffs in the camp are either completely consumed or about to be finished and the sick are facing shortage of the medicine that they need.
Additionally, Iraqi forces systematically hamper transfer of patients to hospitals. In a recent case on March 16, as the ambulance was leaving the camp, two of the interpreters of the patients were prevented from accompanying the patients and only after two hours and switch of the interpreters, the ambulance left the camp; however due to the delay, a number of patients were too late for their medical appointments and fruitlessly returned to camp.
Blockade of the foodstuff is a new method of tormenting and harassing the residents of Camp Liberty by the orders of the Iranian regime. The 5-year-old medical siege that has now taken on added dimensions has so far resulted in the tormenting to death of 18 residents.
In a conference at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva on 14 March 2014, Professor Jean Ziegler, member of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council, draw a parallel between the siege placed on Camp Liberty and that of areas under siege in Syria and said: “According to article 54 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, imposition of hunger on citizens as an act of war is prohibited” and “the Rome Statute that lays the foundation for the International Criminal Court, accentuates that intentional acts to impose hunger on citizens as a war method by depriving them of items they need in order to stay alive, is a war crime”. He referred to the condemnation of Charles Tylor in 2008 by UN special court for crime against humanity in imposing hunger on residents of four cities in Liberia and said: “It seems that this war crime is becoming rampant by leaders of the countries in the region. Thorough criminals such as the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the regime of Iran, and the regime of Maliki regarding Camp Liberty, should be exposed right now”.
Moreover, this criminal blockade is a flagrant transgression of the 25 December 2011 Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations and the Government of Iraq that explicitly says that “The Government shall facilitate and allow the residents, at their own expense, to enter into bilateral contact with contractors for provision of life support and utilities such as water, food, communications, sanitation, and maintenance and rehabilitation equipment” and “shall permit the United Nations to carry out monitoring of the human rights and humanitarian situation… and establish procedures for the reporting of complaints”.
This blockade is also a serious breach of the quadripartite accord of 16 August 2012 between the United States, the United Nations, the Government of Iraq, and the Ashraf residents. In this accord, the U.S. government commits itself to “support safety and security of the residents until the last of the residents leaves Iraq” and to resolve issues at Camp Liberty that materially affect the daily lives of the residents including sustainable mechanisms to provide water and electricity”. These commitments were once again reiterated by the U.S. State Department in a 29 August 2012 statement.

Given the abovementioned facts, the Iranian Resistance calls for the immediate intervention by the United States and the United Nations to end this criminal siege commensurate with their lawful duties and their repeated and written commitments on the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents and not to allow Government of Iraq to pave the way for another great massacre with these suppressive measures.

March 16, 2014

International Conference ... “Human Rights in Iran, Call for International Probe into Massacre in Ashraf

·         at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva
·         Deterioration of human rights during Rouhani’s Presidency and necessity of referring the dossier to the Security Council
·         Call for an independent UN inquiry into the Ashraf massacre and providing protection to residents
On Friday, March 14, at the initiative of five non-governmental organizations, including the Movement against Racism and for Friendship among the Peoples (MRAP); the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty; the Women Human Rights International Association (WHRIA); the France Liberte Foundation; and the International Educational Development – Inc, a conference titled "The urgency of protection of Camp Liberty refugees in Iraq" was held.
In this  conference  , Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran; Bernard Kouchner, former Foreign Minister of France and the founder of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF); Linda Chavez, former human rights expert on the UN Human Rights Sub-Commission; Professor Jean Ziegler, member of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council from 2008 to 2012; Professor Alfred Zayas, United Nations Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order; Dr. Jean-Charles Rielle, member of Geneva Parliament and City Council; Christiane Perregaux, co-President of the Legislative Council in Geneva; Nejat Bubaker, member of parliament from Palestine; Dr. Taher Boumedra, former Deputy Special Representative of UN Secretary General ، and Antonio Stango, President of the Helsinki Watch and member of the Radical party in Italy, offered speeches.
The speakers stressed on the following points:
1. The conference strongly condemned the deterioration of human rights situation during Rouhani’s Presidency. According to precise reports at least 176 people have been executed since the beginning of 2014. During this same period, issuing death sentence verdicts and cruel punishments such as gouging out the eyes, cutting off hands, feet, ears and noses has continued. Group and public executions in different cities of Iran have been incessantly carried out. Execution of ethnic and religious minorities and political prisoners has been escalating.
2. Based on the statement of Human Rights Rapporteurs titled “UN human rights experts urge Iran to halt the ongoing surge in executions", and in the light of the report by the Secretary General to the UN Human Rights Council on March 11 that maintains “the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has failed to fulfill campaign promises to allow greater freedom of expression and there has been a sharp rise in executions since his election”, the conference demanded practical and effective measures by the United Nations and especially the Security Council against the Iranian government to halt the surge in group and arbitrary executions.
3. The conference believes that ignoring egregious human rights violations in Iran that has been unprecedented in at least the last two decades, with the excuse of nuclear negotiations or any other reason and pretext, not only has rid the Iranian authorities of any worries to be accountable to international bodies and agencies, but they call the "increase in executions a great service to mankind" and are demanding praise for the regime in this regard (Mohammad-Javad Larijani, Head of Human Rights Headquarters of Iran's judiciary branch - March 4, 2014). Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this regime calls the UN Special Rapporteur as affiliated with Zionism and in response to the expressed concern of the Secretary General in the Human Rights Council about Iran Khamenei’s adviser says that “whatever the Secretary General does and says is in line with the goals of the world arrogance”.
4. The Conference strongly condemned the attacks of the Iraqi government at the behest of the Iranian regime against Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq and their logistics and medical siege, and called for an immediate halt to these attacks and limitations that have so far killed 116, tormented to death 18, and taken seven hostage. One of the most shocking attacks was the massacre of Ashraf residents on the September 1. Wicked measures such as stonewalling drainage of black water tanks, preventing entry of food, and interfering with residents’ free access to medical services are clear examples of torture.
5 - We specifically call for an independent, comprehensive and in-depth investigation about these crimes by the pertinent organs of the United Nations. On September 9, pointing to the UNAMI report of September 3 that "all killed suffered gunshots, most of them in the head and upper body, and several of them have been handcuffed", Ms. Pillay called for independent, comprehensive and transparent investigation about it. But six and a half months after this massacre, all indications show that the Government of Iraq intends to eliminate the evidence to this crime. The secret burial of those killed in this tragedy is a very vivid example. On 9 December 2013, a group of independent United Nations Rapporteurs wrote in a joint statement about the massacre in Ashraf: “The crime has been carried out with impunity, and documents and evidence point out that the involvement of the Iraqi forces in this crime is egregious.” Therefore, the Iraqi government neither wants nor can perform an investigation in this regard. Had there been a transparent investigation into the previous attacks to Ashraf, the probability of the later attacks would have been much less or at least the criminals would have paid a much heavier price. Therefore, we all urge relevant special procedures of the Human Rights Council to guide a comprehensive and complete investigation with respect to the slaughter in Camp Ashraf.
6 - Camp Liberty, where the inhabitants were forcibly moved to from their home of 26 years, is a prison according to two opinions by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions. Moreover, since their forcible relocation to this camp, residents have come under four missile attacks, leading to the death of 14 people and the wounding of many. Due to its common international obligations or as to the commitments it has specifically assumed in writing with respect to these asylum-seekers, the United Nations must be held accountable in providing their safety and security, and more specifically in:
a) Relocation of all the residents, albeit temporarily, to the Europe or U.S. main territory;
b) Urging Iraqi Government to provide urgent security necessities in Liberty against rocket attacks like the return of T-walls, transferring bunkers, transferring protective helmets and vests and medical equipment from Ashraf, permission for construction, and expansion of the camp’s area;
c) Permanent presence of UN monitors along with a Blue Helmet team inside Camp Liberty;
d) Releasing 7 hostages
e) To end brutal boycott against the camp specially medical sanctions

In this conference, Ms. Rajavi asked the international community, especially the U.S., EU, and UN, to refer the file of the dire situation of Camp Liberty residents who are threatened at any moment with a greater massacre, to the United Nations Security Council and to work to implement the above demands. 

March 11, 2014

Iran: Flogging a teacher for ludicrous charge of insulting a government agent in Sanandaj

In a barbaric and degrading act, henchmen of the clerical regime delivered 20 lashes to Mr. Payman Nodinian, a member of the Kurdistan Teachers Association Board of Directors. This savage punishment was carried out on March 2 in regime’s “Justice” building in the city of Sanandaj. This Kurdish teacher was condemned to prison and 20 lashes for “insulting a government agent during his round of duty”. The plaintiff of this case was one of the elements of the regime who had previously brought this same absurd allegation against other Kurdish teachers as well. Mr. Payman Nodinian had previously been sent to exile to Zanjan Province for two years because of his participation in the teachers’ protest in 2007. Other Kurdish teachers have also been placed under pressure for their activities.

Ms. Soheila Sadeq, Chair of the Education Committee of the National Council of Resistance  of Iran, expressed her abhorrence of this savage and shameful act and insult to the country’s teachers and stated: “A regime whose Minister of Justice is a cold-hearted deathsman such as Mullah Pourmohammadi who has been a key element of the massacre of 30000 political prisoners, and its ‘moderate’ President is criminal Mullah Rouhani, can never set aside its gallows, torture, flogging, cutting off hands and feet, gouging out eyes, and cutting off ears. This atrocious trend shall only come to an end with the downfall of this regime by the people’s uprising , especially by the students of Iran.”

Forces under the command of the Iraqi Prime Ministry prevent entry of food to Liberty and drugs prescribed by doctors

According to a statement released by Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Criminal Major Ahmad Khozair  from the Iraqi intelligence service has been preventing for more than a week two truckloads of food purchased by residents of Camp Liberty from entering the camp. On one hand the food in these two trucks are about to be rotten, and on the other hand Liberty doesn’t have any food supplies due to lack of necessary cold storages and warehouses, and residents rapidly face shortages of these foods. The Government of Iraq has intensified harassment of the residents by preventing food from entering Liberty.

In another inhumane act on Sunday March 9, one the Iraqi Prime Ministry agents prevented purchase of medication by patients who had gone to Baghdad hospital. This agent who works under the orders of Ahmad Khozair, every day goes to the hospital with patients and persecutes them by various methods.

One of the patients returning to Liberty few days after an open heart surgery demanded that the ambulance air conditioner be turned on but this agent prevented that and upon reaching Liberty, the patient’s condition deteriorated due to heat.

Ahmad Khozair participated directly in the massacre and kidnapping of September 1, 2013 and the massacre of April 8, 2011 in Ashraf, and now has the major role in implementing medical siege against Camp Liberty asylum seekers. Preventing free access to medical services and delays in treatment of the patients so far has led to the slow death of 18 residents of Ashraf and Liberty.

The Iranian resistance warns against the consequences of this inhumane siege and presence of elements such as Ahmad Khozair, who is a preamble for another massacre, and calls on the United Nations and the United States to take immediate action to end this cruel siege and presence of criminals in Liberty based on their repeated written guarantees toward the safety and security of Liberty residents. 

March 9, 2014

Maryam Rajavi selected as top International woman for IWD 2014

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International Women’s Day (IWD): March 2014 – Nitin Raj, on the issue of outstanding services of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who has been selected by God Believers Association (GBA), social NGO, formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA), with a credit of about 5 decade-noble- service of World Peace and honored many head of States and special personalities since 1980 including Mrs. Indira Gandhi, leader of the Non-aligned Movement, Her Majesty the Queen of England, among others. The GBA has finally declared the top rare honor in collaboration with International Reporter and Media International.
What would you like to say about the bases of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s Selection for a special higher honor on the IWD on March 8th. She shall be honored subject to her consent and convenient venue, any time during this year.
Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, who is the President of “GBA”, chaired the final meeting today and addressed the house as under:
Mr respected colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,
“I am privileged to announce that Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who was born in Tehran, Iran on December 4th,1953 is an exceptional Iranian politician, who is the President elect of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) since 1993.
She is the wife of Massoud Rajavi, founder of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI).
“NCRI is a wide coalition of democratic Iranian organizations.
The principles of this Council are opposed to the Islamic Republic regime, since they are regularly releasing a wave of their terror and oppression over the innocent Iranians who support a free Iran with freedom of a democratic country.
“Mrs. Rajavi’s political career started at the age of 22 and was enrolled as a member of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), which is an Iranian organization founded in 1965 by a group of intellectuals led by Muhammad Hanifnejad.
“Rajavi served as an organizer of the anti-Shah student movement in the 1970s and in 1979, became an official of the social section of the PMOI/MEK, where she served until 1981.
“During that time, Rajavi was a parliamentary candidate in 1980. In 1985, she became Joint-leader of the PMOI and served in that capacity till 1989 when she became the Secretary General until 1993.
In 2003, Rajavi’s offices were raided by French police. She was placed under arrest and the assets of the NCRI were frozen by the French government. Rajavi’s supporters protested her arrest by demonstration until her release.
Dr. Raj Baldev, GBA President continued his speech:
“In short, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, surmounted all obstacles like a great brave woman in this world, the surrounding of which are highly complicated with no smooth going.”
“NIA, which is now GBA, had an old sympathy with Rajavi’s movement of free Iran and appreciated her ideologies, as she framed her 10 points. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has been selected by the Executive Committee of the GBS for the rare honor for International Women’s Day, which is to fall on March 8th, 2014 on the following basis:
1. She is a great courageous lady in country’s politics like Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then India’s Prime Minister and Leader of the Non-aligned Movement.
2. She has proved to be such an outstanding personality, which can safely and justifiably be compared with Mother Teresa in the area of social services.
3. She has been struggling for the real freedom of Iranians from the Mullah’s dictatorial and authoritarian regime for over a decade, which has been sprinkling a regular tyrannical burst of poisonous oppression over the innocent citizens of Iran right from the first day of their ruling.
4. She has been drawing the non-stop attention of the world leaders to put a halt to the acts of Mullaha’s regime of Iran in the area of totalitarian and massacres of the innocent Iranians, in and out of Iran, which they regularly device directly and indirectly.
5. She has been protecting all the Iranians stationed in different countries as UN official refugees from the most cruel, hard and inhuman acts of Iran’s Mullaha’s Regime, through her strong appeals and bringing such atrocities to the notice of most important world leaders including UN and US so as to get the agonies of innocent suffering of Iranians ended or minimized to the maximum possible extent.
6. She always acted within the framework of the United Nations and United States, the champions of Human Rights; she drew their attention possibly on all acts of gross violations by the Mullaha’s regime of Iran.
7. Her life which is dedicated to the cause of humanity, in general, and Iranians in particular, is also among the above given seven grounds on which Mrs. Rajavi has been selected for this rare honor for the International Women’s Day which is to fall on March 8th, 2014.”
“To be brief on IWD, it is marked on March 8th every year, throughout the world by way of different way of celebrating or announcing the befitting honor, which inspire others. The GBA has now started this noble mission for March 8th every year, of course, in their own way of recognizing and honoring the great and forceful women in the world, who are unparalleled like Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, a great inspiration for others. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is second to one in the world today as per GBA’s analysis in the patriotism towards her country Iran and its countrymen.
While concluding his speech, Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, GBA President, said: “I on behalf of my organization GBA and on my own behalf congrat to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and all her supporters in the world: and it shall be a great message for the dignity of women and their supreme, unmatched and unequal strength if once any of them like Mrs. Rajavi, vows to do it.”
The house clapped in honor of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi with standing ovations, an immense respect that she also commands in India.
This year, three top International women were selected in three regions, United States, Iran and India, they are Mrs. Obama Michelle, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

March 7, 2014

Camp Liberty: Maliki’s agents prevent entry of food, transfer of patients to hospital, and drainage of camp’s black water tanks

Again, since two days ago, Government of Iraq is preventing foodstuff purchased by residents from getting into the camp and the criminal Major Ahmed Khozair has stopped two truckloads of foodstuff outside the camp.
Given the extremely weak infrastructures of the camp and the lack of storehouses, storage freezers, and other essential equipment, foodstuff cannot be stored in Camp Liberty and preventing entry of foodstuff is practically a physical and psychological torture of camp residents.
In yet another inimical act, Ahmed Khozair prevents sewage tankers from entering Camp Liberty under various pretexts which causes serious hygienic problems for the residents and the outbreak of various epidemics.  
Today, in another inhuman act, intelligence people affiliated with the Prime Ministry prevented four patients from going to the hospital while as prescribed by camp’s Iraqi doctor they had to be seen by specialist doctors in Baghdad.

Underscoring the fact that this inhuman siege is in breach of many international covenants and prosecutable by international bodies, the Iranian Resistance requests from the United Nations and the U.S. government to implement their written and repeated commitments regarding the health and security of Camp Liberty residents and to resort to immediate steps to end this criminal siege and remove the criminal elements such as Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty.

March 5, 2014

intercepting Iran's mullahs ship carrying weapons between Eritrea and Sudan. the weapons to groups of Iranian influence in Gaza

Jerusalem — Israel said it intercepted a ship Wednesday carrying an Iranian shipment of advanced rockets bound for Palestinian militants, claiming it proved Tehran could not be trusted in international nuclear talks.
The announcement came hours after Israel said it struck two Hezbollah fighters as they tried to plant a bomb near the Syrian-Israeli frontier and just over a week after Israel reportedly bombed the Iran-backed group inside Lebanon for the first time since 2006.
Israel has long accused Iran and Syria of providing military aid to Hezbollah and to Palestinian militant groups, and the military spokesman's office tweeted that the ship was carrying weapons "capable of striking anywhere in Israel".
Iran's Arabic-language Al-Alam television channel quoted a military official in the Islamic republic as denying the Israeli report, calling it "totally without foundation".
Coinciding with a visit to the United States by its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel latched onto the weapons shipment to chide Western powers for negotiating with Tehran over its nuclear programme.
"While Iran is conducting these talks, smiling to the international community, it continues to arm terrorist groups, continues to perpetrate terrorism around the world," Netanyahu said in a statement.
The military said the Syrian-made weapons aboard the "Klos-C" were shipped overland to Iran and then onward towards Gaza by sea before being intercepted in the Red Sea between Sudan and Eritrea.
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told reporters that "dozens" of surface-to-surface M302 Syrian-manufactured rockets were found aboard the ship, adding that the crew had "fully cooperated".
Lerner said Israel had followed the shipment for "several months" and that the military knew "for a fact" the Iranians were behind it.
Militants in Gaza, which is governed by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, have fired dozens of rockets at the Jewish state since the beginning of the year, and Israel has responded with air strikes killing both militants and civilians.
Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said the weapons were destined for Islamic Jihad, a smaller Islamist movement which had become "the armed wing of Iran in the Gaza Strip".
Hamas, meanwhile, was "hesitant for the moment to link itself with Iran again", he said.
- 'World powers wrong on Iran' -
Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad joined Iran in denying the Israeli account. "The movement has many other ways of procuring weapons," said an Islamic Jihad official, charging that was seeking a pretext to attack Gaza.
Israel, the region's sole if undeclared nuclear-armed state, has long accused Iran of seeking to develop atomic weapons, charges vehemently denied by Tehran which insists its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful.
The P5+1 -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany -- are set to hold another round of nuclear talks with Iran aimed at a comprehensive agreement later this month.
The ship interception report came just hours after the Israeli army claimed to have hit two Hezbollah fighters along the Syrian border with the annexed Golan Heights, without specifying what weapons were used or whether the targets were killed.
Hezbollah did not immediately comment, but Syria accused Israel of firing four rockets from the Golan.
Army chief General Benny Gantz charged that "Iran is supplying arms to its satellites in the north (Hezbollah) has well as in the south (Gaza)."
Last month Israeli warplanes reportedly bombarded Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon for the first time since the 2006 war, prompting a threat of retaliation.
Israel is bent on halting any transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, which has sent thousands of fighters across the border to aid Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime as it battles Sunni-led rebels.
In May 2013, Israel launched two raids targeting what it said were arms convoys near Damascus destined for Hezbollah, and in November there were reports of an Israeli strike against a Syrian air base where missiles for Hezbollah were located.
Syria has long provided arms and other aid to Hezbollah, and served as a conduit for Iranian military aid to the movement.
Israel has accused Iran of trying to establish similar supply lines by sea to Gaza.
Israeli commandos in 2011 seized a ship carrying what Israel said were Chinese-made arms from Iran bound for Gaza militants. And in 2002, Israel seized 50 tonnes of weapons from the vessel "Karine A" on its way to Gaza.

March 3, 2014

Shocking video of public execution of a 26-year old raises public rage.. Mullahs’ Supreme Court approves inhumane sentence of blinding and cutting off the ear and nose of a prisoner

In a barbaric, inhumane and atrocious act, the mullahs’ Supreme Court approved a sentence to blind and cut off the ear and nose of a prisoner by the name of Jamshid in Tehran (State-run Sharq daily – March 2). This is while the publication of the shocking video of execution of a 26-year old young man in the city of Karaj on the internet where the hangmen even deprived the man of seeing his mother who was present at the scene, raised public loath and abhorrence.
The video that in recent days has been published on the internet shows the scene of execution of a young man that when the hangmen prevent him from seeing her mother scuffles with them to free himself from their clutches and get himself for a few moments to his crying mother in the scene. However, the hirelings severely batter him and hang his semi-conscious body. The extent of the atrocity was such that even some of the people who had gathered to see the hanging and most of them were from regime’s revolutionary guards and affiliated with the regime protested.
Publication of this video has raised such rage and hatred of the religious fascism that the Ministry of Intelligence news agency (Mehr) wrote: the fact that people are passing on this video to others to see “has changed the atmosphere in favor of those who have been condemned for several thefts and rape charges… after the publication of this video, statements of sorrow by the netizens of the social internet regarding the incident spiked to an extent where these networks even claimed that those being executed are innocent and that they are being sacrificed for unknown reasons.” Concurrent with this atrocity that unfolded in the impoverished district of Zourabad in Karaj, two other 26-year olds were executed in public at two other locations in the city of Karaj.
Public hangings have increased during Rouhani’s office and savage and medieval punishments such as cutting off the hand, blinding and cutting off the ear and the nose that are carried out with the objective of creating an atmosphere of terror, especially amongst the youth, continues. This shows the extent that this regime, on the verge of its demise, is terrified of an uprising by a fed up oppressed people.

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes that ignoring these atrocities is a betrayal of human rights and human civilization in the 21st century and calls for the referral of the file of barbaric violation of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council. Silence by the international community in face of these crimes under the pretext of nuclear negotiations, and in reality for the sake of trade with this regime, tarnishes the image of contemporary mankind. 

March 2, 2014

Paris – International conference on the occasion of International Women’s Day: Warning on the spread of misogynic Islamic fundamentalism by mullahs ruling Iran

 Maryam Rajavi:If the mullahs were to abandon misogyny the ruling theocracy would collapse. Thus, neither Khatami nor Rouhani who launched a charm offensive of reform and moderation, do not get close to easing the oppression and subjugation of womenMullahs have turned Iran into the epicenter of fundamentalism, but the people and their resistance have turned it into the epicenter for the ideal of equality and liberation from fundamentalism; and ultimately, women will overcome the religious dictatorship in Iran
On Saturday, March 1, participants in an international conference in Paris on the occasion of the International Women’s Day warned of the role of the Iranian regime in spreading the Islamic fundamentalism throughout the region and the globe.
The conference was held at the presence of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, and a great number of prominent political and social figures and artists, as well as human rights and women’s rights activists from five continents and delegations representing dozens of Iranian women’s associations and organizations throughout Europe and the United States.
The speakers underscored that misogyny is one of the principal and unchangeable aspects of the religious fascism ruling Iran that has only worsened in three decades. During the Presidency of Rouhani, the misogyny of the regime remains unchanged. They added that women are twofold the victims of the illusion of moderation in a regime that misogyny is intertwined with its mindset and practice.
Speakers underlined that this regime is the central banker of terrorism and fundamentalism in today’s world threatening the global security and peace. They added that confronting this threat demands a firm policy not just in the nuclear negotiations, but also in the face of savage and systematic misogyny and the barbaric violation of human rights in Iran, as well as against destructive warmongering that has drenched the region in blood.
In this conference that was inaugurated by Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, Chair of Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the speakers stressed: In the very volatile situation surrounding the Islamic countries, women’s rights has been one of the main challenges that is always threatened and aggressed against. Therefore, support for the broad front against fundamentalism where the movement of the Iranian Resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi plays a decisive role, is a historical exigency both for the equality movement and for securing global peace and security. Women are the principal force and dynamism in this front.
Addressing the conference Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said: Indeed, the ideal of equality is alive, but not just because of depravations, humiliations and oppression; rather, because a generation of women has arisen to overthrow dictatorships in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq; women who are intent on toppling the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.
She told the audience: Indeed, rest assured that ultimately, these oppressed women will overthrow the ruling theocracy in Iran.
President-elect of the Resistance explained the role of the clerical regime as the epicenter of fundamentalism and stated that the ruling theocracy in Iran is responsible for the massacre of 140,000 innocent people of Syria. Similarly, the bombing and the massacre of Iraq's defenseless citizens are commanded by the Quds Force and carried out by Iraqi forces. There is hardly any country in the Middle East and in the Islamic World that has been spared the Iranian regime’s provocations and terrorism.
Maryam Rajavi added: Despite the fact that the mullahs have turned Iran into the epicenter of fundamentalism, owing to the Iranian people’s history of struggle and their culture, and by relying on five decades of perseverance of the People’s Mojahedin, Iran is the epicenter of liberation from fundamentalism and, at the same time, the epicenter of women’s emancipation and equality.
She added: The Islamic fundamentalism thrives on inequality while continuously causing oppression and discrimination. Therefore, if the regime were to abandon misogyny, the ruling theocracy would collapse. Thus, neither Khatami nor Rouhani, who launched a charm offensive of reform and moderation, did not and do not even get close to easing the oppression and subjugation of Iranian women. Because doing so would mean the beginning of the end of the regime.
The very bills which Ahmadinejad had submitted to the Majlis to intensify gender inequality are now being declared as law by Rouhani. Amongst these laws are the shameful bill that allows men to marry their adopted daughters; setting quotas and applying gender segregation in the universities; and prohibiting women from studying in dozens of fields of study at the universities.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized: Defending the pioneering women in Camp Liberty who in the past two decades have played a unique role in the struggle against fundamentalism is a crucial duty of the equality movements. They, along with the men fighting alongside them, are not only deprived of security and protective requirements against consecutive missile attacks, but the proxy government in Iraq has deprived them of the least humanitarian, medical and hygienic standards. She called on all activists of the women movement throughout the world to call on the United Nations and the U.S. government to adhere to their commitments to secure the protection of Camp Liberty residents. In particular, they should put the release of the seven Ashraf hostages, including six women, on their agenda, and refer the file of the September 1st crime against humanity in Ashraf to the Security Council.
In addition to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, other speakers to this conference were: Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison; Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada; Michèle Alliot-Marie, former French Minister of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Justice; Rita Süssmuth, former President of the Bundestag; Ingrid Betancourt, former presidential candidate in Colombia; Carmen Quintanilla, Chair of the Spanish Parliament Women’s Committee; Edit Bauer, member of European Parliament; Els Demol, member of Belgian Parliament; the Italian delegation, including  Gianna Gancia, Governor of Cuneo, and Elisabetta Zamparutti, former member of parliament; the delegation from Iceland, including Ragnheiður Ríkharðsdóttir, chairwoman of Iceland’s Independent party, and Ásta Ragnheiður Jóhannesdóttir, former deputy speaker of parliament; Aude de Thuin, founder of International Women’s Forum; Mariane Pearl, French journalist.