September 14, 2014

Iran: Dispatching club wielding vigilantes to various cities especially Tehran to suppress women and youth

The inhuman clerical regime has prepared a broad program to increase suppression of women and youth. In this regard, the head of Bassijis and vigilantes of “Ansar-e-Hezbollah” announced the mobilization of “mobile groups to promote virtue and prevent vice on a widespread level especially in Tehran.” The mission of these gangs of thugs is harassing people, especially women and young people under the mullahs-made pretext of "mal veiling". The range of suppressive measures is across the country, he said, but in Tehran the action field is very wide and the volume of operations would be high.

ISNA state News Agency reported about the record of actions of this suppressive force that “During completion of the organization, these groups have already started their mission in various parts of the city in preliminary form without having a media dimension, in the form of teams of several-dozen brothers and sisters”.
Revolutionary Guard Abdolhamid Mohtasham, the criminal Commander of "Ansar-e-Hebollah" by admitting the public hatred toward the regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said "the weight of corrupts and their supporters in the society has changed against the religious people". He promised that "despite all the attacks of enemies and hypocrites ... day and night ... we suppress the mischief-makers and their supporters to remove them from the scene of action." He added: "If we don’t tackle this current, this corrupt current will stand against Hezbollah."
"Ansar-e-Hebollah" are groups of hooligans and thugs who are all revolutionary guards and related to the IRGC Intelligence. They played special role in suppressing the 2009 uprising of the people under the cover of plainclothes agents. Abdolhamid Mohtasham is among top Revolutionary Guards commanders, who is now engaged in commanding suppression and crime in plainclothes form.

Expansion of dispatching club-wielding thugs to various cities in Iran, especially Tehran, is the reaction of a moribund regime, which is faced on one hand with increasing social protests specially confrontation of youth with the regime’s suppressive forces, and on the other hand due to its inhuman and medieval nature is unable to meet minimum rudimentary demands of a frustrated people. 

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