November 14, 2014

Iraqi officers obstruct transfer of 5 female patients to hospital

The anti-human siege on Camp Liberty takes on added dimensions with every passing day and Iraqi officers have ramped up their hampering in the transfer of patients.
On Tuesday, November 11, the Iraqi officers prevented three female patients from going to the hospital for their medical appointments. These officers also prevented the interpreters of two cancer patients from accompanying them. This compelled the patients to go to the hospital without an interpreter that caused them many problems.
On Wednesday, November 12, the Iraqi officers prevented two female patients from going to the hospital on the pretext that patients may only go to one hospital. These two patients had eye surgeries. This is the second time this week that the appointment for surgery of one of these patients is being cancelled and the Iraqi officers bar her from going to the hospital.
On this same day, the Iraqi officers also prevented the interpreters for three patients from going along, forcing the patients to go to the hospital without an interpreter.
Previously, in the period of November 3-8, the Iraqi forces also prevented the transfer of patients to the hospital upon fictitious pretenses. As a result, dozens of residents’ medical appointments that had been obtained with great difficulty were cancelled.
These restrictions are being imposed at a time that 53 patients suffering from eye diseases are waiting for surgeries but have not been transferred to the hospital due to the hampering of the Iraqi forces.

The Iranian Resistance warns about abovementioned measures and in view of the commitment of the U.S. government and the United Nations with regard to the security and well-being of Camp Liberty residents, calls for an urgent intervention by the U.S. and UN to end these suppressive measures and to completely annul this criminal siege and to secure the free access of residents to medical services.
Mohammad EGHBAL

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