January 9, 2015

Iranian news agency sais: Attack in Paris consequence of France playing with fire in Syria

Iranian Tasnim News Agency
January 8, 2015
Attack in Paris consequence of France playing with fire in Syria
After four years of continuous French support for armed Takfiri groups in Syria to topple Bashar Assad, what the French security officials had predicted and warned occurred and showed itself in the attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo weekly.
Playing with fire
This attack occurred while from the onset of war in Syria, France began playing with fire and turned into a protective umbrella for the countries that supported armed groups in Syria. It presented several draft resolutions for military attack on Syria similar to the attacks on Libya, but Russia and China, two big allies of Syria, time and again used their veto power to frustrate the French measures to interfere.
From the outset of the Syrian crisis and the passage of French fighters from Turkey into Syria, the French security and military experts warned about the policy of supporting the terrorists to topple the regime ruling in Syria.
Qatari money in French officials’ pockets
At that time, the French newspapers published reported about the perils of forming a coalition with Qatar. Furthermore, several books on the role of Qatar in supporting Takfiri terrorism was published which explained how the leaders and the emirs of Doha had bought off the French politicians and elite and tried to lure France to support the war against Syria and the overthrow of Bashar Assad.
The number of French nationals who went to Syria was announced to be around 800 and most of them were affiliated with the Takfiri groups that are spread all over France and are well known to the security institutions. They knew that these people enjoyed the support of the French officials and they established societies that conducted activities in their name and under their cover. They invested in restaurants and communications and thus their activities were conducted with the knowledge and acquiescence of the French officials.
One can see thousands of the members of these groups in Afghan clothing in famous and large districts of France.
The French security society considers this state as a result of the money that Qatar put in the pockets of the French elite at various ranks.
Onset of terrorist operations on French soil
Thus, in the present conditions we can state that the trend of developments in France is moving in the direction of a season of terrorist operations that was switched on by the attack on Charlie Hebdo weekly.
This attack happened at a time when the position of France in recognizing the Palestinian government [sic] at the Security Council really raises eyebrows.

However, the attack that killed 12 and injured 40 is the result of innumerable and ill-assessed interventions by France in the developments in Syria with the French security officials most cognizant that to preserve security in various cities, a change in the French policy with regard to Syria is essential. 

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