February 3, 2014

Countdown begins for execution of “15 year-old bride” in Iran

State-run news media in Iran have run stories titled: 'The countdown to the execution of a fifteen -year-old bride”, reporting about a 26-year-old mother facing execution on Sunday (Feb. 2) for the murder of her husband, which she denies, in the city of Isfahan.

Farzaneh mother of a 10 year old girl, was married to the man at the age of 15 against her will. The man was killed six years ago.
The woman has been in prison since the alleged offence, which she denies.
Farzaneh's family is now trying to win the consent of the victim's family in which case the death sentence will be canceled.
Execution by the mullahs is a tool for intimidation and repression in society.

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