February 1, 2014

Fourth week of stonewalling drainage of Camp Liberty’s black water tanks by Maliki’s forces To torture the residents and make conditions intolerable for them

The suppressive Ashraf Committee in the Iraqi Prime Ministry is stonewalling the drainage of black water tanks in Camp Liberty since January 9 to intensify the pressures and to psychologically and physically torture camp’s residents.
Major Ahmed Khozair, an element of the Iraqi Prime Ministry and one of the perpetrators of massacres of Ashraf residents in the years of 2009, 2011 and 2013 is responsible for implementing this suppressive measure. Following the September 1 massacre he was transferred to Camp Liberty and ever since residents are facing new difficulties every day that are caused by him and those under his command who are stationed at Camp Liberty’s entrance.
Stirring up problems for drivers of sewage tankers, unjustifiably delaying their work, insulting them, tearing up the drivers’ identity cards, and battering and injuring them is being repeated every day by Ahmed Khozair and his men.
Imposing fresh restrictions in drainage of the black water tanks has resulted in their overflow. Moreover, since these tanks are worn out, delay in their drainage causes the pressure inside to rise up leading to their rupture and consequently contamination of the environment. Therefore, residents are coerced to restrict their water consumption for sanitary purposes that in turn results in added health problems and the outbreak of many diseases in the camp. The Government of Iraq prevents replacing these dilapidated black water tanks with those in Ashraf that are in good condition or new.

The Iranian Resistance brings the attention of the U.S. government and the United Nations and its various bodies, especially the World Health Organization, to these suppressive measures that are a breach of the humanitarian standards and severely threaten the residents’ health and calls for the removal of criminals such as Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty who through these provoking acts prepare the ground for the next attacks and massacres.

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