February 4, 2014

Iran: Hassan Rouhani’s food distribution plan sparks unrest

As Hassan Rouhani's program for replacing the food subsidies program with distribution of free food baskets launched on Sunday. But on its first day the launch of the program sparked protests in Iran.
In the freezing cold weather in Tehran, long lines were formed at distribution centers and some people who were successful in receiving the food basket after hours of waiting described the basket as low quality Indian rice and stinking chickens.
This month's food basket contained 10kg of rice, 24 eggs, two frozen chickens, 800 gr of cheese and two bottles of vegetable oil.
Retired government employees and workers earning less than 200 dollars a month are eligible for the program.
According to state-run media, 87% of the retired employees and 13 million workers do not benefit from this food handout.
According to state-run news agency ISNA, a group that received nothing gathered outside the Ministry of Industry and Trade to express his displeasure.
Meanwhile a 60 year old man died in Kermanshah while waiting in line for receiving the food basket. Through SMS messages sent by people the cause of his death was declared overcrowding.

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