April 2, 2014

Iran intensifies pressure on political prisoners during the Norouz ceremonies of 93 Beating, transfer to solitary confinement, visitors, cutting visits and phone calls, damaging and confiscating equipment …

Henchmen of Special Guards of Urmia Central Prison on March 31 attacked section 12 of political prisoners of this prison. The agents whose number reached 40, on the order of the head of the prison, searched the ward and seized the notes and books of prisoners, and destroyed their personal belongings. The henchmen then transferred several political prisoners to solitary confinement. Four days before, the regime's henchmen threatened and harassed Sami Hosseini, a political prisoner sentenced to death.

On Thursday March 27, at Gohardasht Prison, a henchman by the name of Khazaie vilified ordinary and political prisoners of the prison by loudspeaker. Subsequently, more than 300 political prisoners and ordinary prisoners protested and refused to get breakfast. The protest soon spread to other sections of Gohardasht Prison, so that the henchmen in fear of the upsurge of prisoners’ protest were forced to apologize.

Currently political prisoner Ali Moezzi, a family member of Liberty residents and a political prisoner in the 80s, the Reverend Behnam Irani, and blogger Mohammd Reza Pourrshajary are imprisoned in this prison.

These pressures are in continuation of the regime's repressive measures during the New Year, which are applied with more intensity on detainees.

On the evening of Friday March 21, Zahedan Central prison guards beat and insulted prisoners in section 5 in a brutal attack and transferred them to the prison yard. Henchmen threw personal belongings of the prisoners into prison hallway and proceeded to destroy or steal their personal belongings. Prisoners protested this actionA henchman by the name of Rezai severely beat one of the protesting prisoners. Torturers took him to a solitary cell in quarantine in Zahedan prison while his nose was bleeding.

In Evin prison, after cancelling all prisoners’ leaves, the first weekly visit of the prisoners was also cancelled and they were denied telephone call to their families.

The clerical regime, incapable of addressing internal and international crises facing it, finds repression of the frustrated people as its sole way to confront them. Political prisoners who are captives in the hands of the regime suffer double pressure. Resorting of the henchmen to repressive measures, torture and pressure, is to prevent their protests as they face gradual death in the regime’s dungeons. 

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