April 2, 2014

Sentences for two Baha’i sisters residing in Mashhad implemented

Sunday morning, March 30, intelligence ministry agents arrested two Baha’i citizens residing in Mashhad by the names of “Nava Khulusi” and “Nika Khulusi”.
Intelligence ministry agents in Mashhad went to the house of “Nava Khulusi”, a Baha’i citizen residing in Mashhad on March 30, 2014 and arrested her.The intelligence ministry agents arrested her sister by the name of “Nika Khulusi” who was with her parents in the city of Babolsar for Nowruz holidays on the same day.
It is noteworthy that according to the verdict of Mashhad's revolutionary court, the two Baha’i sisters are charged with propaganda against the regime and membership in a Baha’i organization and are sentenced to imprisonment. According to the aforementioned verdict “Nika Khulusi” is sentenced to six years and “Nava Khulusi” to four and a half years imprisonment. 

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