March 18, 2014

Fire Festival – No. 1... Iran: Ominous pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei set on fire in Ahvaz

Despite suppressive provisions by the clerical regime to obstruct the Fire Festival ceremonies and their turning into protests by the youth, since an hour ago, the sound of blowing firecrackers and sound bombs can be heard in various quarters of Tehran, including in the Jomhouri Street in Tehran Pars District, Lalehzar Street in Shahriar, and in Varamin. In fear of rage of the youth, the regime closed the banks and government buildings a few hours sooner than their normal working hours from 2 pm.
In Ahvaz, the youth set fire to pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei and the will of Khomeini.
In Mahabad, despite the semi-curfew atmosphere created by the suppressive forces, the youth held the fire festival ceremony and clashed with the suppressive forces. The condition in the city is critical.

Suppressive forces have declared that those who play with firecrackers in public places will be arrested and detained until April 2.

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