March 18, 2014

Fire Festival – No. 2.. Iran: Ceremonies in various areas of Tehran and the beating up of regime’s paid hands

In Tehran, while the city is replete with suppressive forces, the Fire Festival is being held in various areas of the city.
At 8 pm local time, in Tehran’s Third Falakeh, the regime has cut off the electricity so that people cannot shoot films of the gathering of the people. In Parvin Boulevard, agents threatened people with their batons.
At 7:30 pm in AriyaShahr, Valiassr Street: Agents clashed with the people and confiscated the cameras.
At 6:50 pm, near Nezamabad and Madani Street, the youth set several trash bins on fire.
In Yaftabad region, many fires were set up. The noise of firecrackers and explosions can be heard from all directions. People badly beat up agents who interfere with their festivities.

In Nasserkhossrow, Panzdahe Khordad and Molavi streets the youth respond to any movement by the security forces with firecrackers and throw thousands of firecrackers under their feet. The agents are armed with batons and cold weapons.

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