March 3, 2014

Shocking video of public execution of a 26-year old raises public rage.. Mullahs’ Supreme Court approves inhumane sentence of blinding and cutting off the ear and nose of a prisoner

In a barbaric, inhumane and atrocious act, the mullahs’ Supreme Court approved a sentence to blind and cut off the ear and nose of a prisoner by the name of Jamshid in Tehran (State-run Sharq daily – March 2). This is while the publication of the shocking video of execution of a 26-year old young man in the city of Karaj on the internet where the hangmen even deprived the man of seeing his mother who was present at the scene, raised public loath and abhorrence.
The video that in recent days has been published on the internet shows the scene of execution of a young man that when the hangmen prevent him from seeing her mother scuffles with them to free himself from their clutches and get himself for a few moments to his crying mother in the scene. However, the hirelings severely batter him and hang his semi-conscious body. The extent of the atrocity was such that even some of the people who had gathered to see the hanging and most of them were from regime’s revolutionary guards and affiliated with the regime protested.
Publication of this video has raised such rage and hatred of the religious fascism that the Ministry of Intelligence news agency (Mehr) wrote: the fact that people are passing on this video to others to see “has changed the atmosphere in favor of those who have been condemned for several thefts and rape charges… after the publication of this video, statements of sorrow by the netizens of the social internet regarding the incident spiked to an extent where these networks even claimed that those being executed are innocent and that they are being sacrificed for unknown reasons.” Concurrent with this atrocity that unfolded in the impoverished district of Zourabad in Karaj, two other 26-year olds were executed in public at two other locations in the city of Karaj.
Public hangings have increased during Rouhani’s office and savage and medieval punishments such as cutting off the hand, blinding and cutting off the ear and the nose that are carried out with the objective of creating an atmosphere of terror, especially amongst the youth, continues. This shows the extent that this regime, on the verge of its demise, is terrified of an uprising by a fed up oppressed people.

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes that ignoring these atrocities is a betrayal of human rights and human civilization in the 21st century and calls for the referral of the file of barbaric violation of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council. Silence by the international community in face of these crimes under the pretext of nuclear negotiations, and in reality for the sake of trade with this regime, tarnishes the image of contemporary mankind. 

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