March 19, 2014

Fire Festival – No. 3... Iran: 15 arrested; pictures of Mullah Rouhani are set on fire

Despite the heavy presence of suppressive forces in various parts of Tehran, people held the Fire Festival on an extensive scale. In all districts of the city there fires were set up and the sound of firecrackers and sonic bombs can be heard from all corners.
Reports received from Tehran from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm:
-          In Ariashahr, Valiassr Avenue, people clashed with the agents that were attempting to disperse them. Elements of the suppressive forces confiscated people’s cameras and arrested fifteen
-          In Salsabil Street, western Tehran, the youth set fire to pictures of regime’s President Mullah Hassan Rouhani
-          In Nezamabad and Madani Street, the youth set several trash bins on fire. Suppressive forces afraid of getting beaten up by the youth did not dare to interfere.
-          In Abbasabad and Sohrevardi Streets, agents on motorcycles who are wearing anti-bullet vests try to disperse the youth by terrorizing them. They do not dare move alone.

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