March 7, 2014

Camp Liberty: Maliki’s agents prevent entry of food, transfer of patients to hospital, and drainage of camp’s black water tanks

Again, since two days ago, Government of Iraq is preventing foodstuff purchased by residents from getting into the camp and the criminal Major Ahmed Khozair has stopped two truckloads of foodstuff outside the camp.
Given the extremely weak infrastructures of the camp and the lack of storehouses, storage freezers, and other essential equipment, foodstuff cannot be stored in Camp Liberty and preventing entry of foodstuff is practically a physical and psychological torture of camp residents.
In yet another inimical act, Ahmed Khozair prevents sewage tankers from entering Camp Liberty under various pretexts which causes serious hygienic problems for the residents and the outbreak of various epidemics.  
Today, in another inhuman act, intelligence people affiliated with the Prime Ministry prevented four patients from going to the hospital while as prescribed by camp’s Iraqi doctor they had to be seen by specialist doctors in Baghdad.

Underscoring the fact that this inhuman siege is in breach of many international covenants and prosecutable by international bodies, the Iranian Resistance requests from the United Nations and the U.S. government to implement their written and repeated commitments regarding the health and security of Camp Liberty residents and to resort to immediate steps to end this criminal siege and remove the criminal elements such as Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty.

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