January 31, 2014

Iran: Execution of two fellow Arab political prisoners in Ahwaz Youths protest in Ramshir... Calling for urgent action against the growing number of executions and referral of human rights violations in Iran to the UN Security Council

On Wednesday January 29, henchmen of the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) informed the families of Hashem Sha’bani and Hadi Rashedi, two fellow Arab political prisoners from Ramshir in Ahwaz, that their children have been executed but refused to give their bodies or provide any information such as the date of execution and their burial location. The two political prisoners had been transferred from Karoon Prison in Ahwaz since December 7, 2013 to an unknown location and the efforts of their families and lawyers to get information about their situation were fruitless.  
The regime’s intelligence agents in Ahwaz prevented the victims’ families to hold memorials for their children in mosques by threatening them and told them they can only have mourning in their homes within a maximum of 24 hours. But Ramshir youths, in protesting this crime, rallied in front of the victims’ houses, honouring martyrs while chanting slogans against anti-human clerical regime. A number of demonstrators were arrested.
Mr. Sha'bani and Rashedi, who were both teachers, were arrested in the winter of 2010 and after severe tortures were sentenced to death in few minutes’ trials for "enmity against God, corruption on earth, spreading propaganda against the regime and acting against national security". Earlier in November, four other fellow Arab political prisoners of Shadegan residents were executed.
The Iranian Resistance offers its condolences to the families of the victims and to the people of Khouzestan and calls on all the people particularly the brave and noble youths of Khouzestan to rise up in sympathy with the martyrs’ families.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls for urgent international action against summary and mass executions specially execution of political prisoners by the religious fascism ruling Iran and referral of human rights violations in Iran's to the UN Security Council. Silence and inaction against the wave of executions that has heightened after Rouhani took office, under whatever pretexts, has no other outcome than encouraging the inhuman regime to continue and to increase its crimes. 

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