January 20, 2014

Mullahs’ regime and Iraqi government’s disruption and sabotage in transfer of PMOI members to other countries along with intensification of pressures and launching further missile attacks

Call for adoption of binding decision by UN Security Council to provide security to Camp Liberty until resettlement
Chain of hysteric reactions by mullahs’ regime and its operatives to the introduction of Special Adviser to UN Secretary General for Relocation of Camp Hurriya Residents Outside of Iraq, reapproves the fact that the Iranian regime not only has no desire for transfer of Camp Liberty residents to third countries but stops at nothing to stonewall the process. Time and again Mrs. Rajavi has declared that mullahs’ true objective is not to have PMOI members depart from Ashraf or Iraq; rather, they are looking to physically annihilate them or have them surrender; there is no third option. (Iranians’ great gathering of June 22; conference at UN Headquarters on September 19; conference in Paris on October 19, 2013)
1. Iranian regime’s media, in a replica story, published the report on the Secretary General’s Special Advisor with rage and anger: “By appointing former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security as his special advisor on issues regarding the relocation of PMOI members, Ban Ki-moon has, in effect, disregarded all crimes committed by this group in Iran and Iraq. He has tasked Jane Holl Lute with finding new places to relocate the PMOI.” (Fars, IRGC news agency and Jomhoury Eslami daily - January 7)
2. Still other regime’s media wrote: “This measure by UN was immediately adopted after the most recent attack on Camp Liberty. Given that third countries are not willing to accept this cult… therefore it seems that convincing the UN and Western countries to pay attention to the situation of this grouplet in Camp Liberty and the acceleration of their acceptance by third countries will require the leaders of this group to follow a strategy of drawing sympathy. In this regard, PMOI would not at all dislike being attack in Camp Liberty and to sacrifice a few PMOI members so that the pictures and news can be widely broadcasted to help convince Europe and U.S. to remove PMOI members from Iraq and resettle them in Europe and US.” (Bulletin News and Jam News - January 7) This is an unambiguous scenario to increase the criminal attacks against Camp Liberty residents.
3. Speaking on the subject, Nozar Shafiee, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the mullahs’ Majlis, said, “This measure by UN to protect the PMOI will encourage them to increase terrorist activities… as such, this is contrary to United Nations’ general objective to preserve international peace and security… presence of ‘Monafeqin’ in third country will definitely be a mistake. Countries must refrain from accepting this terrorist group in order to strengthen their relations with Tehran.” (Iranian regime’s parliament news agency - January 13)
4. In a long article, the state-run News Network TV wrote in its website: “Ban Ki-moon has mandated Ms. Jane Holl Lute to find a new place to resettle the PMOI… UN was established to help preserve international peace and security and to counter anything that might challenge the order and security of the international community, not to find shelter for a gangster and terrorist group… siding with this group will tarnish the reputation of this organization and the UN Secretary-General.” (News Network TV website – January 14)
5. As reiterated by regime’s media, among main objectives of regime’s Foreign Minister’s trip to the countries in the region was to prevent acceptance of Liberty residents. Speaking on the subject, member of the National Security and Foreign Relations parliamentary committee Mohammad Hassan Asfari who accompanied the Foreign Minister, said: “In his meeting with Jordanian authorities, Zarif declared Iran’s position regarding acceptance of PMOI members.” (Iranian Intelligence Ministry’s Mehr news agency - January 17)
He also emphasized: “In the trip to Oman, a meeting was held with the monarch, the foreign minister, and the prime minister. In this meeting, the Islamic Republic stressed that Oman ought not to accept the presence of ‘Monafeqin’ in its country.” (Khan-e Mellat website, affiliated with the regime’s Majlis – January 19)
Mullahs’ regime media also wrote that in his trip to Baghdad, one of the most important tasks of the Foreign Minister had to do with “PMOI and settling the issue of this cult” (Bulletin News, January 14).
6. The Iranian regime has tasked its ambassadors and representatives in different countries – especially in Europe – to warn the authorities of countries they are in against accepting the PMOI members of Camp Liberty and to threaten them that such measures would endanger political and economic relations with the Iranian regime. Through passing false and misleading information to the authorities of these countries, they depict transfer of PMOI members to these countries cause for insecurity, disturbance and terrorist activities.
7. Last October the Iranian regime’s media wrote: “Following the news about the admission of 97 by Germany, groups formed by deserters of this organization wrote letters to the Koln authorities and German officials reminding them of violent activities by members of this group and the need to precisely control them... and informed these officials about the names of some of the organizations in Germany ‘that are active as front organizations for Monafeqin’.”
It is clear that authors of these issues are the intelligent agents who shed crocodile tears for Liberty residents and accuse “PMOI leadership” of stalling their transfer to outside of Iraq.  
8. On September 12, Haghighatpour, Deputy Chair of the Security and Foreign Policy Committee of parliament said: “I hope the whole earth will be cleansed of the PMOI contamination.” (Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Qods Force)
9. On September 13, Asfari, member of this committee said: “Iran will break off relations with any country that would give residence to the PMOI.” (Iran’s state-run TV)
10. On September 14, IRGC Brigadier General Esmail Koathari, another member of this committee said, “No country is allowed to accept them as a whole that would enable them to maintain their solid organization. We shall follow this up in the parliament so that they will all be handed over to Iran” (Mehr news agency).
11. On September 16, spokesman for the committee Hossein Naghavi announced: “Iran will reconsider its relations with countries that accept the Monafeqin.” (Reporters’ Club, affiliated with IRGC). On September 14, Friday prayer Imams of many cities who commended the Iraqi government for its attack on Ashraf, said: “No country should accept PMOI members as refugees; rather, they should hand them over to the Islamic Republic.”
12. On September 21, Khamenei’s mouthpiece of Kayhan daily with utter frankness unveiled mullahs’ regime’s two-aspect policy of increasing pressures and suppression at Camp Liberty while preventing residents’ resettlement, and wrote: “The government must incessantly work with the Iraqi officials for complete expulsion of the Monafeqin from that country’s soil and closure of Camp Liberty. Considering that the current government in Iraq has close relations with Iran, this matter of importance is not too hard to achieve.” Khamenei’s mouthpiece then adds, “The president and the foreign minister of our country should send this explicit and firm message to the governments worldwide, particularly to the countries in the region, that the Islamic Republic will never allow any country to station this terrorist grouplet on its soil; otherwise, it has to face its political, economic and may be security consequences.”
13. Previously too, the mullahs’ regime was deeply involved in obstructing admission of PMOI members in other countries. On 18 March 2013, Mansour Haghighatpour, Deputy Chair of Security Committee of the parliament, said: “If Albania accepts the PMOI, its Ambassador will be summoned to the foreign ministry.” He stressed, “This move will affect the level of trade between the two countries” (Regime’s parliament news agency).
14. Following transfer of the first group to Albania, the threats by mullahs’ regime assumed added dimension:
-          On May 18, the state-run News Network TV threatened: “Experts believe with the presence of these people in Albania, in future, the Balkans will witness bombings and sabotages that would benefit U.S. and the Zionist regime.”
-          On the same day, the state-run Qods daily threatened the Albanian Prime Minister and wrote: “Our diplomatic apparatus should make clear to Sali Berisha the consequences of his dangerous behavior regarding his country and people and its bilateral relations with Tehran.”
-          Seyyed Bagher Hossieni, member of regime’s parliament, addressing the Albanian government on the same day said that the PMOI “are not only dangerous to their national interests but could cause danger to the whole region.” (Regime’s parliament’s news agency - May 19, 2013)
-          Mohammadreza Thani, Chair of parliament’s Security Committee said, “Accepting the PMOI… not only brings no prestige to Albania, but will have security consequences for the country in the long-run. (Khan-e Mellat website, affiliated with parliament - June 24, 2013)
15. Sabotage in the transfer of PMOI to other countries is being carried out by the Iranian regime while at the same time it is planning via its puppet government and its agents and hirelings in Iraq for further suppressive measures and missile attacks against Camp Liberty residents. In a statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on 20 December 2013, it is reminded that Maliki, in his visit to Iran, has agreed to all conditions set by the Iranian regime to acquire regime’s support for his third term as Prime Minster; including the following:
- “Complete freedom of action against PMOI for Ministry of Intelligence and Qods Force in Iraq;
- “Establishment of a Qods Force headquarters near Camp Liberty; and
- “Intensification of pressures and suppressive measures against PMOI in Camp Liberty”.
16. In NCRI statements of 7, 8 and 9 January, plans by the clerical regime and Maliki to attack and slaughter in Camp Liberty have been disclosed. These statements explicitly state that the Qods Force, in coordination with Government of Iraq, is poised to carry out further attacks on Camp Liberty by more missiles in number and strength. A considerable number of Qods Force officers have arrived at Baghdad Airport with heat-seeking missiles and the coordination for transfer of the new missiles and their launch pads is being worked out by Maliki’s National Security Advisor’s organ. Maliki has ordered SWAT and Dirty Division forces to be deployed near Camp Liberty and to act against PMOI if the situation turns critical.
17. On January 8, mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence declared that the present situation in Iraq is “an exceptional opportunity to concurrently destroy Daesh and PMOI”. Habilian, a well-known branch of Ministry of Intelligence, put together a bunch of fabrications such as PMOI “have always supported terrorist groups like Daesh” to conclude that “it is necessary for Government of Iraq that concurrent with efforts to annihilate al-Qaeda terrorists, seriously think about this important opportunity to dry out the root of support of PMOI for these terrorists” (Ministry of Intelligence website of “Habilian”).
18. NCRI’s Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee declared on January 3: “Following the fourth missile attack on Camp Liberty, Nejat Association, a branch of mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence, and its paid hands, under the pretext of residents’ families who want to learn about the names of those injured, attempted to collect detailed tactical and operations information on the outcome of the December 26 attack for more accurate planning of the next attacks. Following an attack, Ministry of Intelligence tasked its agents to send correspondences to international organizations and express their concern for safety of their relatives in Camp Liberty and request “bringing pressure on PMOI leadership to announce the names of the injured”.
19. At the same time, through dispatch of its elements to European countries, the clerical regime not only attempts to spy on and disseminate bogus information and conduct a demonizing campaign, but tries to block transfer of PMOI members to these countries.
20. A statement by NCRI Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee on 2 December 2013 revealed that one such element by the name of Ehsan Bidi has entered Albania on 16 October 2013 with an Iranian passport with serial number 16359072 under the pretext of refugee and “former member of PMOI”. This passport, issued on 27 January 2013 by the Ministry of Intelligence and valid for five years, clearly shows the irrelevancy of the status of asylum for this individual. There are many other examples where people, other than those in Camp Liberty, with no risk against their lives, have been sent to European countries under pretext of “former PMOI members” while they are the residents of Camp Liberty who should have priority because their lives are continuously threatened by missile barrages and may losetheir lives at any time.

Since the abovementioned facts leave not a shred of doubt about mullahs’ regime ominous intentions and that of its puppet government in Iraq to annihilate Camp Liberty residents or compel them to surrender, the Iranian Resistance calls for immediate intervention by United States and the United Nations for referral of the case to the Security Council for adoption of binding decisions to provide safety and security to the residents until all of them are transferred to Europe or United States.

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