January 3, 2014

Iran sends armed militants to Syria with Iraqi premier cooperation

During the past few days numerous Iraqi armed men fighting in Syria alongside Assad’s troops have been detained by Free Syrian Army members. These individuals in their preliminary confessions, broadcasted through Orient TV, said they were hired by two Shiite mullahs by the names of Qeis al-Khaz’ali and Qasem al-Taei to dispatch to Syria and fight against rebels for $500 a month.
According to these individuals Qeis al-Khaz’ali is actually Iranian and has dual Iraqi and Iranian citizenship.
Documents obtained of these individuals show the Iranian regime and Iranian officials are directly involved in these issues and Qeis al-Khaz’ali and Qasem al-Taei were briefed by them back in Iran.
A portion of these documents have been provided to international human rights organizations, revealing Qeis al-Khaz’ali spends most of his time in Iran. When he comes to Iraq he hires unemployed youth and sends them to bases in Tehran to undergo military training. Amongst these documents there are pictures showing these individuals were in Iran at times meeting with Iranian officials.
The arrested individuals have admitted Nouri Maliki's government is involved in these measures because he is fully aware of all these activities, even facilitating their dispatching to Syria.

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