December 12, 2013

80 Iraqi MPs have called on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to free 7 Iranian hostages in Iraq

In a statement issued in Baghdad, 80 members of the Iraqi Parliament expressed abhorrence at the brutal killings of 52 Iranian refugees and abducting 7 others including 6 women from Camp Ashraf on September 1st. The MPs insisted on the US and the UN designated and recognized responsibility to protect the opposition members who are refugees in Iraq, and asked for their immediate intervention to pressure Maliki to free the 7 hostages. 
The MPs acknowledged that the Iranian regime is the master mind behind this attack, and that the Maliki and his forces are the perpetrators. The MPs also said the immediate release of the 7 hostages, the prevention of any further humanitarian harm to the hunger strikers and the security assurance of Camp Liberty residents are not only legal duties for the UN, but a series of immediate and necessary moves to avoid further damage to the reputation of the International community

roProtests and clashes in Iranian citiestests and clashes in Iranian cities

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