December 24, 2013

A network of American-made arms smuggling to Iran was broken up

A network of arms smuggling to Iran under the name of Setad Ejraiye Farmane Khomeini and controlled by Iran`s supreme leader for attempting to smuggle hundreds of American-made assault rifles to Iran came to the attention of the American law enforcement agencies. Behrouz Dolatzadeh, an Iranian dealer linked to the Mullahs' regime was indicted for attempting to purchase the weapons destined to Iran. 

Behrouz Dolatzadeh was arrested in the Czech Republic last year and held in custody, but he apparently has gone back to Iran.
In a comprehensive report, Reuters revealed that the Setad Ejraiye Farmane Khomeini is currently operating under the direct order of Khamenei with a general asset of more than $90 billion. 

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