December 23, 2013

Iraqi gov. intensifies suppression of Iranian dissidents at behest of mullahs

The Iranian Resistance had already disclosed on December 20, 2013 that Nouri Maliki, in his latest visit to Iran, has accepted the conditions set by the Iranian regime to support his third term as prime minister of Iraq.
The conditions accepted by Maliki included: escalation of suppressive measures against Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, providing daily reports on activities of the members of the People's Moajhedin Oragnization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty, providing a free hand to mullahs’ intelligence and Qods Force to act against PMOI, and establishing a Qods Force headquarters near Camp Liberty.
To this end, since December 9, Iraqi intelligence officer Ahmed Khozair - who works in the Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppression of residents - is obstructing entry of some of the medicine purchased by residents. He has stolen some of the medicine needed by residents and has transferred them to his office near the camp.
On December 17, he obstructed entry of some of the logistic items badly needed by the residents following the recent heavy rains. He did not allow the delivery of items and were returned at the camp’s entrance gate.
Similarly, on December 17, many needed items purchased by residents such as ink, adhesive tape, television and satellite receivers were not allowed to be delivered to the residents and returned.
On December 19, essential items needed for repair of housing trailers and ablution trailers were obstructed. This is while the trailers, are in great need of repair and many of them are no longer usable or are highly unsanitary and have turned into means of spreading contamination.
Ahmed Khozair played a very active role in the criminal attacks on Camp Ashraf, especially the 8 April 2011 and 1 September 2013 massacres and the 5-year siege on Ashraf and Camp Liberty and the tormenting to death of 16 patients.
Given the repeated and written commitments by the U.S. government and the United Nations on Camp Liberty residents’ safety and security, the Iranian Resistance calls for their immediate intervention to end this criminal and anti-human siege and expel criminals such as Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty.

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