December 21, 2013

Allowing Assad, Russia and Iran to destroy Syria

The UN and the world leaders seem to imagine that by allowing Assad, Russia and Iran to destroy Syria, they will force the Syrian people to 'negotiate' and 'compromise' with the regime and to once again submit to Assad's absolute power over whatever smouldering ruins his warplanes, helicopter gunships, missiles, tanks and heavy artillery leave standing.

The UN and world leaders forget, however, that when everything is taken away from people; when their families are imprisoned, tortured, slaughtered simply for demanding freedom; when their children are purposefully starved and made destitute; when their homes, villages, towns, cities and nation are destroyed; when they are robbed of everything but hatred for the regime that inflicted this monstrous evil and endless pain on them and their children (and for those actively or tacitly complicit in its doing so); when they know full well that 'negotiation' means the world legitimising and green-lighting decades more brutal subjugation under the genocidal mafia that did all this...then the regime's and all the UN's and the world leaders' threats have lost any power since they have already ensured that the people who they treat and regard as "collateral damage" no longer have anything left to lose nor any reason to listen to their empty words.
By: Radio Free Syria

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