December 25, 2013

Iran - flogging: Three men receive 74 lashes each in public

The Iranian regime judiciary lashed in public three men on Wednesday morning in the city of Dehdasht in southern Iran.
Each of the three men who were charged with stealing received 74 lashes in the main square of the city.
The Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province's prosecutor told the state-run FARS news agency that each victim "suffered 74 lashes in the presence of the public."
The lashing in public in Dehdasht is not the first such barbaric punishment being carried out in public since June election.
The Iranian regime lashed a man in public in town of Tokab in Western Azerbaijan province of Iran on December 1.
The young man named Hussein Khosravi was lashed 80 times in public by the Iranian regime's torturers.
Another man was whipped 70 lashes in public on August 29 outside his home in the city of Saveh.

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