December 8, 2013

Khamenei's Senior Mullah thanks Al Maliki for Massacre of MEK Members

According to mullahs’ regime official news agency, on Friday night, December 6, Mullah Tabassi, head of mullahs’ Mafia in Khorassan Province, thanked Maliki, mullahs’ subordinate Prime Minister in Iraq, for the massacre of PMOI members in Camp Ashraf.

Mullah Tabassi who has been reigning in Khorassan Province for 35 years and one of the wealthiest government institutions in Iran is trusted to him, is considered among the greatest thieves of 20th and 21st century. Concurrently, he is “Vali-e faqih’s representative” in Khorassan (The Supreme leader’s representative), and member of regime’s “Assembly of Experts” and “State Exigency Council”.
Mullahs’ head henchman in Khorassan, while “welcoming Maliki and expressing delight” in meeting him, speaking on the massacre, mass execution, and hostage-taking in Camp Ashraf, said: “I deem it as necessary to express gratitude to you for your way of encountering the movement of “Nefaq” and “Monafeqin” (regime’s derogatory terms in referring to PMOI and its members and supporters). Monafeqin have been and are serving imperialism and it became clear that their anti-imperialistic mottos they once claimed, was not real.” (IRNA state news agency – December 7, 2013)
On the pretext of “rebuilding sacred places” and to enjoy further assistance from the plunderer mullahs for his third term as Prime Minster, Maliki added: “Despite pressures from the world arrogance, we should use the opportunity for mutual work of Iran and Iraq to rebuild sacred places in Karbala and Najaf.”

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