December 10, 2013

Iraq intensifies suppressive measures against Iranian opposition in Camp Liberty

NCRI - While it is over a hundred days that seven members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Ashraf have been taken hostage and are in captivity of forces under command of Nouri al-Maliki, and as residents of Camp Liberty and Iranians in cities around the world are staging their 101st day of hunger strike, the Iraqi Prime Ministry committee charged with suppression of Iranian opposition members is intensifying restrictions, pressures and suppressive measures against Camp Liberty residents.

Since Monday morning, December 9, Sadeq Mohammed Kadhim and Ahmed Khozair, affiliated with Iraqi Prime Ministry, have obstructed sewage tankers from leaving the camp on the pretext of conducting body search of drivers and their companions.
This is while since two years ago, sewage tankers have been commuting with the police escort and there were never such provisions. The objective of Prime Ministry officers is to provoke the residents and create a clash in order to conduct another massacre.
On this same day, Ahmed Khozair who has been personally involved in all three massacres in Camp Ashraf, prevented entry of Iraqi contractors and engineers to Camp Liberty who had come for the drainage system and repair of camp’s road that are not even usable for vehicles because of the rain. Concurrently, many primary items procured by residents for repair of worn out containers, have been sent back from camp’s entrance gate.
On Sunday, December 8, Ahmed Khozair hindered movement of the ambulance which resulted in patients arriving late at the hospital and hence their appointments were cancelled. This is a common practice used by Iraqi forces to torment the patients.
On this same day, a female translator was obstructed from going along to the hospital. In an insulting fashion Iraqi agents told her, “we give the orders and we determine who goes to Baghdad and who doesn’t and you can’t say anything, otherwise, we shall crush you under our boots…”
A hundred and one days after the massacre and mass execution in Camp Ashraf, government of Iraq is refusing to return the bodies of the 52 martyrs and their burial thereby psychologically torturing all residents as well as martyrs’ families and friends.
Given written commitments by U.S. and UN on the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, the Iranian Resistance demands immediate intervention for ending anti-human and tyrannical measures and expulsion from Camp Liberty murderers of residents such as Sadeq Mohammed Kadhim and Ahmed Khozair.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 10, 2013

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